Saturday, 31 March 2012

Benefit - The Gloss

In all honestly i'm not a massive lipgloss fan and i never have been. Even in school days when everyone was slathering it on i stuck to my trusty tins of balm. It's always one of those products i associate with being really sticky and cheap looking, and firmly attatching my hair to my lips - ew! However my boyfriend got me a bunch of Benefit make up for Christmas a few years back and this was amongst the bunch. I didn't expect to like it or even use it but it has actually become one of my favourite lip products!

It's a lovely forumula, not too tacky and thick like a lot of other glosses. It glides on the lips really easily giving soft orange tint with a hint of sparkle. Its great for when your wearing an outfit with orange tones and you want to pick up on them without having ridiculously bright lips! To be honest i don't even know the specific name of this colour as i chucked the box away donkeys ago, only that the tube is a very bright orange. So after my rave review sorry to drop the bombshell that Benefit have actually discontinued this lipgloss now (booo!) but you can still pick them up on ebay for really cheap and there are a ton of colours knocking around! I definately still recommend this if you can get your hands on one! :)

JessLoren x

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  1. I fell in love with this post when you said you're not big on lipgloss. I almost never wear lipgloss, but i have a bunch. They're really nothing special,just sticky gloss that comes off your lips in a second sometimes. So many of them look-a-like including Nars, elf, benefit, chanel.
    Great post!