Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Body Shop Lip Scuff

I've decided to do a review on this product because i personally think it's a little miracle worker and as far as i'm aware it's not very well known - i think everyone should have one of these for those bad dry lip days. With constantly flying i find i get dry lips very easily so this comes in handy!

Lip Scuff has actually been around for years, and i first tried it when i was complaining to my mum about the dead skin on my lips which was making my lipstick look awful.. and she went digging around for hers for me to try. At first glance this too looks like a lipstick because of it's packaging, however when you remove the lid you discover a slightly odd looking pale green stick inside.

 It is actually an exfoliator and has tiny little grains inside which when rubbed on the lips gently buffs away any dead or dry skin. Once you've done this you simply wipe away the product with a soft tissue and it leaves you with lovely smooth lips underneath! It works in the same way as an exfoliator on your skin would and also has moisturising properties which can help with the initial dry-ness. I love this product and always have it in my bag just incase. You can buy Lip Scuff here for just £8 :) cheap as chips!


JessLoren x


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    1. Aw thanks very much :) I really appreciate it! xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing with us! Soft lips are the best fashion accessoires;)

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  3. I will have to check this out! I've never seen anything like this before I've only used lip scrubs like in pots but this looks much more convenient :) xx

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  5. I've never seen this before but it looks pretty good! Great review love:) xx

  6. This is such a cool product! I have the lush lip scrub but this is probably less messy!

  7. I really want to try this :)
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