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Well my name is Jessica Loren (but you can call me Jess) and i'm 21 years young. I currently live with my mum, step dad and siblings in our family home in Manchester. I am a flight attendant for Monarch Airlines and love my job immensely. My favourite place to be is the sky!

I have a lovely boyfriend called Jay who i have been with for 4 years now, he is my best friend in the whole wide world and makes me very happy indeed :) We are currently saving to get our own place and he may crop up in my posts from time to time!


I love - flying, starbucks, scented candles, wedges, R&B, and the month of December!

I hate - spiders, traffic, sunday drivers, sci-fi films and mushrooms - eugh.

Thats me a nutshell.

JessLoren x


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