Sunday, 17 June 2012

Space Nails

So i noted in a lusts post last week that i wanted the Razzmatazz glitter polish from Topshop, and in the end i decided that despite my cries of poverty, £6 was actually nothing and i had to have it in my life. When i got to the make up stand however i realised that it was actually a purple-y colour. Now don't get me wrong it was really lovely and had i had more pounds in the pocket i would probably have purchased it anyway but i had imagined it to be more of a silver and that's really what i wanted. Then i spotted Ice Crush which was exactly what i was after, i scooped it up and couldn't stop myself applying a coat on the way home in my boyfriends car.. much to his disgust! haha.

It's absolutely gorgeous, i mean seriously stunning. I have had a few glitter polishes before but none of which have looked quite as nice as this. There's a mixture of large and smaller glitter which gives a lovely effect especially when it catches the light. It's quite a thick polish and i applied a good 2 coats to get lots of lovely sparkle!

I decided to team Ice Crush with my new H&M polish that i snapped up in the online sale. £1.49 for a lovely bottle of Miss Stone Heart .. a kind of spacey grey colour that i really liked the look of. It actually applies a little darker than the colour appears in the bottle but i still love it. I applied one coat and was pleasantly suprised at how good a quality it was considering the teeny weeny price tag! I could of quite easily left it at one coat as the colour was so pigmented and it just glided on - but of course went for another coat to prevent chipping. Now i've had this on for a good 3 days and so far so good in that department, but i'm not sure if that's the Topshop polish protecting it on top - I will be applying it alone to see how it fairs.

Overall i am IN LOVE with this look. I feel like i've been to a salon or something my nails never look this glam! I think Ice Crush is perfect to add sparkle to a night out and really pops on top of darker colours. What do you think?



JessLoren x