Friday, 23 March 2012

Standby In The Sun

Well, first of all how nice is this weather?! it seriously does not feel like March at all. I was on standby for work today but didn't get called so decided to make the most of it by going to "The Aiport Pub" with my fellow hostie Alex. This is one of my favourite places to go when it's sunny because it has a really large outdoor area which just happens to sit slap bang next to the Manchester Aiport runway! - yes i do spend time at the airport even when i'm not working.. sad i know. Anyway we're both geeks and love to planespot so spent a good few hours there catching some rays. We even saw the Emirates A380 land and take off again.. it is actually enormous! the sheer size of it is just amazing and i would love to fly on it. Here are some of my Instagram shots :)

The bottom one is a Monarch A300 heading out to Goa. Some of my lucky colleagues are off out there for a week trip! i wanted to shed a little tear watching them fly off haha.


I also went to go and see This Means War at the cinema yesterday. It was an absolutely TOP film and i would definately recommend it to anyone! - even my boyfriend enyoyed it. Didn't stop laughing the whole way through and have now developed quite a severe crush on the actor Tom Hardy - phwoarrr!

Spotted an advert for Titanic in 3D too. AMAZING - i'm on that.

Got a few products in mind to review so stay tuned :)


JessLoren x


  1. I'm so excited always when u blog, because i love reading your posts! :)


  2. Fab blog!! I came back from Goa on the A380 and it is unbelievable how massive it is. It is the smoothest flight I have ever been on. I cant wait to go see it land :D xx