Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tag Post

I've recently been tagged in an "11 questions" post by Lynzi over on her blog. I've always loved reading these on other people's so i was quite excited to get involved! It's a tad random but i think it's always nice to get to know a bit about each individual blogger, so, my turn - here goes!


The Rules

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus eleven questions for the people you have tagged to answer
3. Choose people and link them in your tag
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs


11 Things About Me

* I am cabin crew for Monarch Airlines and have been flying now since June 2011 - it is my passion and I love my job and anything to do with aviation. GEEK would be an appropriate word! 

* I have been with my boyfriend since 11/10/08 (about 3 and a half years) he is my best friend, my soul mate and my favourite person in the whole world. We hope to get a flat very soon! 

* I've had numerous complicated operations on my right leg and spent a lot of time in hospital throughout my teenage years. I'm very proud of my scars and they're something i do not hide any more.

* I got 3 A's, 6 B's and 2 C's in high school. I'm still quite proud of this!

* I have a huge fear of fish. Unless it's in batter! haha. The thought of swimming in the sea makes me want to pass out! and as for walking past that fish counter's in Sainsbury's - vom.

* I have two beautiful little pusscats - Charlie & Coco. They're brother and sister with the cutest little personalities and I'm pretty much in love with them.

* I'm a bit of a film addict and tend to go to the cinema quite a lot. I like a bit of everything but have to limit the amount of horrors i go and see as i'm a massive wimp! (i still can't bring myself to watch paranormal activity!)

* My favourite TV programme of all time is FRIENDS! and i will never get bored of watching re-runs/the dvds. I could probably act out every episode.

*I drive a black Vauxhall Corsa SXI, it's a bit of a boys car but i love it! I called him Oscar because it's an acronym of Corsa. LOL.

* I'm massively addicted to Nandos and would probably bungee jump out of a plane to get my hands on a black card..

* I visited New York in March 2010 and for so many reasons it quickly became my favourite place in the world. I can't wait to go back


Questions To Me

1. What do you most like to do in your spare time?
Well like i've mentioned above i love the cinema so you'd definately find me there! I also love swimming as a way of keeping fit - i am not the gym type!

2. Are you a heels or flats kinda girl?
I'd love to say heels but unfortunately it's flats. I struggle with heels because of my dodgy leg and i can't stand being uncomfortable when i'm trying to enjoy myself! I wish i could wear these skyscrapers and embrace the pain but nah. Sod that. I tend to wear wedges on nights out.

3. Your go to skin care product when your having a bad skin day?
I'm really lucky in that i don't really have "bad skin days" but i love Dove skincare products. I think they smell devine and leave your skin really soft.

4. Denim on denim.. Yay or Nay?
Nay for me. Certain people can really pull it off - i am not one of them!

5.Your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
Currently it's blue and white skater dress with brown belt from republic. It can be dressed up or down and it's really flattering on the figure! Loving republic for dresses right now.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
NYC of course baby! I can really see myself in one of those posh downtown apartments. Ooof.

7. Your favourite movie?
Without a doubt Home Alone. I can pretty much recite it word for word and get overly giddy when i hear the opening music! 

8. Fake Tan vs Pale Skin..What side do you chose.
I'm naturally pale skinned, but being honest very rarely embrace it. I adore fake tan and think it can really boost your self confidence. I'm not for bright orange in the daytime though.

9. The best nail polishes you have used.
BarryM will always be my fave. Great price, great colours. LOVE.

10. Your favourite perfume?
Givenchy Very Irresistable.

11.What is that one thing that is guaranteed to make you smile?
A cuddle from the boyfriend :) - or the cats if he's not around haha!


Questions From Me

1 - What 3 items could you not live without?
2 - Who is your style icon?
3 - What is your fondest memory?
4 - What currently non existant beauty product would you invent if you could?
5 - Do you agree with cosmetic surgery?
6 - Why did your start your blog?
7 - Maxi skirt or mini skirt?
8 - What is your favourite item of jewellery?
9 - What car would you most like to drive?
10 - Where in the world would you holiday if money was no object?
11 - What would you say is your best feature?


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