Wednesday, 27 June 2012

30 Day Shred

So yesterday i had one of those days that we all have every now and again where you stand staring into the mirror, having a deep inner conversation with yourself and eventually come to an obvious conclusion. I want to lose weight.

 I literally thought RIGHT, enough is enough! This is not cutting it for Mexico whatsoever - I want to be skinner, healthier, happier, more toned, more active, more flexible, slim, prim, muscle laden and generally overall bangin' in the bod department. I know these are quite high expectations but let's face it, we'd all have a Kim K phisique on order if it was humanly possible.

Now i'd already decided in my head that i was going to do my usual thing and blow about £30 in Sainsbury's stocking up on healthy shiz (when i say healthy, i really mean Weightwatchers alternatives as i'm really not a salad kind of gal) .. when as if like magic two of my friends tweeted me about the 30 Day Shred. It's a workout DVD by an american lady called Jillian Michaels who i believe was a trainer on the biggest loser USA. It's supposed to be an amaaazing way to loose weight and i've spent most of the evening on YouTube watching the workout itself and also lots of other video's of women on their 30-D-S journey. There are 3 levels to this which gradually get harder as you move on every 10 days. I have had a little go at level 1, however eventually had to give up because my room is nowhere near big enough for exercise! So my plan tomorrow is to set up downstairs and give this thing a good go!

I'm one of these people who tend to start stuff like this, all guns blazing and then cave in at about week 3 and have a Nandos (mmm nandos) .. But i think the fact that i now have this blog might be a little bit of an aid to myself. I want to post about how i'm getting on and hopefully encourage myself to continue and complete the full 30 days. I would absolutely love to loose a stone however half of that would suffice.  

Has anybody else tried this DVD and had good results?
And also, on the subject of Mexico who watched Geordie Shore Chaos in Cancun?! I totally missed it with my fish memory.. Please be advised i am not normally a Geordie Shore fan, i just fancied a nosy at Cancun ;)



JessLoren x


  1. I did it for about 4 days and then couldn't take the repetitiveness of it. But I actually notice results in that short time. The pain after the first day though is EPIC. x

  2. I love your blog great work :) follow me and I’ll follow you back x