Thursday, 28 June 2012

Feel Unique Order & Discount Code!

So i ordered a couple of things from Feel Unique the other day. This is a website i've always seen the adverts for and thought "oh that looks good" and then never actually bothering going and having a look. I'm glad i finally did though, as i found these two beauties..

Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer 75ml & MoroccanOil 25ml

These are two products i've been dying to try for absolutely ages. Both have had rave reviews on a lot of blogs and both sound ideal for my hair. The Elasticizer is a treatment cream you apply before shampooing; you apply to wet hair and leave it around 20 minutes in a plastic cap before washing it out. It's supposed to give your hair more "elasticity" .. hench the name! and generally leave you with beautiful soft bouncy locks!

 MoroccanOil is supposed to be applied to wet/damp hair after washing to add moisture and shine, although i've read a lot of girls saying it's quite multi purpose and can be used in all sorts of other ways.

Because my hair is very naturally curly it tends to be really dry and frizzy and takes a lot of time to tame, i'm hoping both of these products will assist me in acheiving a more manageable barnet! I have purchased the smallest sizes in both of these for now as i'm not sure how well they will work for me.. the MoroccanOil in particular is really teeny but i don't think your supposed to use too much anyway. Full reviews on these products to follow when i've given them a good run.

I was really impressed with Feel Unique on the whole as their delivery was free! - always a bonus, and it came within 3 days of me ordering.. not bad :)

I used this discount code - VCBEAUTY to get 10% off my order


JessLoren x


  1. i love feel unique, I've got about 500 pounds worth of stuff in my wishlist on the website! i really like moroccanoil x

    1. I think i'll be using it a lot more now! it's way cheaper than buying some of the brands elsewhere. Tried the MoroccanOil last night and it does work really well.. it was a lot thicker than i expected! x