Sunday, 10 June 2012

Outfit Post

Always mean to do these kind of posts but always forget to take the photo's!

I finally remembered the other day but in a rush took a really poor quality mirror shot which i've then had to edit (badly) cause it was so dark. Apologies for the photo, i'll do better next time :)

Cropped Orange Cardi, £10 - Asda
Floral Dress, £7.99 - H&M
Converse, £40 - Schuh
Pearl Bracelet (barely visible) - Thomas Sabo
Toy Watch - Mine was from Macy's in New York couldn't tell you now how many dollars!


It was a reaaaallly hot day so i wanted my hair up and out of the way, hence the Amy Winehouse do. This little cotton dress is so comfortable and i've purchased about 4 in the same style and different patterns now from H&M - perfect for summer days or teaming with tights when it's cooler.
The cardi is an old favourite and gives a nice splash of colour.

Pretty simple really! what do you think?

JessLoren x


  1. Gorgeous look! Love the dress and Converse combo, you look beautiful :) xx

    Beauty by Emma

  2. Love how you've paired the dress with a pair of converse. xx