Sunday, 10 June 2012

Strictly Life

So i've done a few product reviews and stuff lately but i fancied doing a bit of a lifestyle post today, let you guys know what i've been upto over the past few weeks - It'll probably be a pretty hefty post as I haven't done a proper one for a while. I know they aren't to everyone's taste but i personally love reading these kinds of posts on other blogs.. probably because i'm nosy hahaha.


Okay so a few weeks back we had the Manchester Marathon going on around where i live, the course literally ran right past my house so me and my step dad popped our heads out to cheer everyone on. The weather was impossibly cold and miserable i have no idea how people found the determination to keep going in those conditions but it was really inspiring to watch. I saw a few old work colleagues run by, and one of my dad's good friends was running for Christies Hospital. We waited it out for ages to see him before legging it inside away from the elements! Big thumbs up to all the runners that day, i have huge respect for all of you!


Summer season has really kicked in at work so i've been flying quite a lot. I literally worked the whole of the jubilee bank holiday which was RUBBISH! but i did get the opportunity to fly with a bunch of my friends which always makes my day that much nicer! Taking all these people on their holidays is really making me wish Mexico was a bit sooner.. Currently the countdown stands at 140 days!

Here's me and Alex grabbing a quick snap in Tenerife (Thomas Cook just stealing our thunder there)


As i mentioned in a previous post i have recently been trained on another aircraft for work too. Its the Boeing 757, which will mean nothing to most people haha, but it was a bit different and exciting for me seen as i have only ever flown on Airbus aircraft before. As part of the training a bunch of us had to go down to the Thomas Cook training centre to have a go at opening and closing a Boeing door. If your wondering why on earth we went to Thomas Cook's training centre and not our own it's because ours is in London and theirs was much closer for just a quick day's training. It was a good laugh in the end, bit like a school trip with everyone piling onto a mini bus! We all had to don very sexy looking boiler suits which was highly amusing! Here's a few pics from the day..


Me and the boyfriend also decided to make use of a 2-4-1 voucher we had gotten for Paradise Island in the Trafford Centre. It's basically a mini golf course but the whole inside of the place is designed to look like an Island, it was so cool. I actually jumped out of my skin at one point because there was theatrical thunder and lightening to immitate a tropical storm hahaha. I did not see it coming! I of course won the game ;) although Jay probably did let me.. he knows i'm a sore loser! Would recommend this place to anyone who lives local it was a good laugh and we felt like we were on a proper date (n'awww)


Now to introduce the latest additions to our family...

My gorgeous tabby cat Coco gave birth to these 3 little cuties a few weeks ago and they are possibly the most adorable things i have ever laid eyes on! Anyone who follows me on Instagram will have already seen these photo's so apologies! To begin with they could barely walk and just dragged themselves around the cardboard box they were born in, their eyes were firmly shut and they cried like crazy if you picked them up. Now they're just little mini Coco's! running around the living room, playfighting with eachother and getting lost underneath the couch. They have the most beautiful markings ever, the boy in particular we think looks like a little tiger!

No names for them as of yet but i'd be interested to hear if you have any good ones? Nothing that screams cat though like "Whiskers" or "Fluff" haha..


We had some absolutely gorgeous weather a few weeks back (which now seems to have dissapeared) but i was lucky enough to have most of it off work - result! I spent a lot of time in the garden on a lounger, reading books and jamming to my ipod. I got some pretty decent tan lines considering i'm a pale gail and we're in Britain! After clashing shifts me and the boyfriend finally got a day off together and we decided to go to a lovely place called Bruntwood Park. I'd never been before but Jay used to go all the time when he was a kid so he was super excited!

We went to Sainsburys first and bought a bunch of yummy food, filled up a flask with juice and grabbed the picnic blanket. When we got there we picked a spot on the grass and basically just basked in the sun for a good few hours, munching away on our goodies and catching up with eachother - perfect. There were groups of people all around us having barbaques or their own little picnics, playing ball games, taking their dogs for a walk, it was such a nice atmosphere i felt like we weren't even in Manchester at all! After we'd lazed around for a bit we grabbed an ice cream at the little parlour and went for a walk through the fields, i even let Jay convince me to take my new gleaming white Converse on a trek through the woods -  thankfully they survived with only minor marks! ;)

 There was a gorgeous manor house in the park grounds (which i now believe should be my future home) it had a really tall impressive conservetory where you could sit and have tea and scones, so cute. There was even a lovely pond full of ducks to feed. It was such a beautiful place to be in the sunshine i'd definately go back weather permitting! 


I also went on down to the Manchester X Factor Auditions the other day with a couple of friends. I went last year and it was so much fun i definately wanted to go again! We hit Nandos first to fuel up for the day and have a good natter. We then qued for the best part of 2 hours in the rain, luckily my friend Alex had the sense to bring a brolly! But once inside we were treated to some amazeballs singers, one girl had gotten to Kelly Rowland's house in Miami last year and has come back for another try and my jaw literally dropped when i heard her sing.. so good! Ofcourse there were other not so fabulous people which either left me in stitches or just purely horrified!

All in all a really good day with some of my favourite girls and i'd definately recommend it to people next time round as it's completely free. Look out for me on telly come September!


And there we have it. A good few weeks of my life all condensed into a post!
I hope i haven't bored you all to tears :)

I'm hoping to do a giveaway if i reach 100 followers so stay tuned for that. I've been collecting together a few bits which i think people would like..

Also can any of you lovlies recommend any good books?! i really want to get stuck into some but not entirely sure what to go for.


Much Love

JessLoren x


  1. Love that manor house! its beautiful. The morganville vampire series is a good set of books to read, theres a crazy amount of them and they keep coming out but they are amazing, i have them all up to date haha bit of a book worm lately.
    Love your blog

    1. I know isn't it! if i ever have a spare couple of million i'll defo look into buying it haha. And thanks for the recommendation! i'll take a look x

  2. Such cute kittens! You have such a cool job :) and the mini golf as a tropical island theme is excellent! xxx

  3. I'll lend you The Wrong Boy, about a lad from Manchester and how stuff that happens to him when he's little kind of ruins his and his mum's life, quite sad but funny as well x

    1. Sweeet. i'll trust it's good if you've read it x

    2. me and Helen have read it! It's in tatters from the amount of use it's had!x

  4. I love this post! Your job looks AMAZING! I've very jealous.

    I went to the Manchester xfactor auditions too!