Thursday, 21 June 2012

Staff Shop Steals! Part 1.

As promised yesterday i'm gonna show you ladies what i purchased on my spree at the airport staff shop the other day, i am so unbelievably chuffed with what i got that i'm going back tomorrow to see what else i can find! Despite their already discounted prices they actually had a sale on, 3 items for £15 making everything £5, bargain right?! I'm going to split this into two posts, as there are 6 items in total and rather a lot of photo's! ...

So this is probably my favourite item. It's the Clarins Colour Definition 3D Radiance Face Powder - woaahh thats a mouthful! This was part of the 2011 Autumn collection so probably why it is now in the sale, however it was limited edition. I have read up on this little beauty and my understanding behind it is that it adds radiance and luminosity to the skin whilst cleverly balancing out any imperfections with specially formulated colours, hence the lilac! It does look deceivingly like a blusher but it's not extremely pigmented so i think you would struggle to use it as such. I adore Clarins packaging, very sleek and beautiful.. the added touch of the little red pouch just won me over. I have never purchased anything like this before but i'm really interested to see how it fairs. Review to follow.

Another Clarins purchase! Gloss Appeal in Shade 02 - Ginger. This is a neutral coloured browny/pink gloss with a hint of sparkle that i think i'm going to absolutely love, it's hard to capture it's true colour on these photo's so i will try and do a good review with better lighting and swatches. I honestly used to detest lipgloss but ever since my boyfriend invested in some Benefit glosses for me one christmas i've been hooked ever since. I think this will be perfect for day wear as it will go with most things!

I'm so chuffed with this little beauty! Givenchy "Le Prisme" Blush Glow. I adore blusher and wear it all the time; it's probably the product i experiment the most with when trying new brands. I had a Benefit blusher about a year ago that looked almost identical to this and it was an all time favourite so i'm praying this is just as good if not better! I'm hoping it is quite pigmented so you won't have to use too much and looking at the colours i think it probably will be. The packaging again is really sleek and pretty and i like how there's a little drawer with a compact brush in, very handy to just pop in the handbag.


What do you think of my bargains?
£15 overall! :)

JessLoren x

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  1. £15 for them all?? Jealous! lol that Clarins compact is bloody gorgeous.