Thursday, 21 June 2012

Staff Shop Steals! Part 2.

Here's a second helping of a bunch of stuff i bought with money i didn't have. £5 an item however does make it slightly more acceptable. I'm now hiding my bank card until payday :)

YSL Golden Gloss Lipgloss - Shade 42. This is the tastiest lipgloss ever! Tastes like apples :) nom. It's a shimmery pink colour but is virtually colour-less when applied to the lips.. I dont mind though as it gives a lovely sheen, is extremely moistursing and has the staying power that other lipglosses don't! YSL packaging always does it for me, beautiful, gold, perfection! May try and find a darker colour in this and see if i prefer it!

YSL Rouge Rose Lipstick in Rosy Coral. I have wanted a good coral lipstick for ages so when i spotted this i just had to have it. It is actually a proper coral colour, not as red as depicted in this photo and i cannot wait to wear it! Heard some amazing things about YSL lipsticks, i'm expecting great things.

I am always in need of eyelash glue. And i absolutely detest having to go on a full scale hunt before a night out to find one of those farty little eyelure pots. No, can't do it anymore! Thats why i decided to purchase this stuff. I sing praises about most Benefit Cosmetics so i am hoping this is just as good as other products i have tried. It is a decent size and has a proper applicator end so i think it will be less faff! and of course Benefit always draw me in with their cutesey packaging so that just sealed the deal. Can't wait to get my lashes on now!


And there we have it, another £15 worth of goodies.
I LOVE the staff shop!

JessLoren x


  1. i am so jealous. YSL is my favourite brand of all time!

  2. love the lipstick color!

    follow me?

  3. Wow these look great and what a bargain! Love YSL!