Sunday, 1 July 2012

Feel Good Films

Okay so i've just finished watching Bride Wars on Channel 4 for the 50 zillionth time!

 "mother eff!" haha :) love it.
 .. and it's put me in such a good mood that i thought i'd do a little post on my favourite feel good films and why i love them so much! I think its amazing how a bit of make believe, camera work and some seriously clever song choices can make you feel on top of the world. I think it's hard to beat that feeling of euphoria when your sat watching the end credits roll with a massive smile on your face wondering why you can't just jump in the screen and join the bunch of characters that you've just spent hours falling in love with.

I always tell myself that one day i will make a CD of all the happy ending song's from all my favourite films and just drive.. god knows where.. listening and loving life! (sad i know. but it's the simple things!) Most of these are golden oldies, that's why they're big faves. Here goes..

Seen as this is what gave me the idea this had to be in here!

Bride Wars

I remember begging my boyfriend to go and see this one Valentines day and of course he caved! It's the story of two best friends who's weddings fall on the same day causing "war" between the two. It's absolutely hilarious, even Jay had to admit he enjoyed it in the end. I fell hard for the Vera Wang wedding dress and all the gorgeous flowers and cakes.. aaah girl heaven! I love how this isn't your typical boy meets girl chick flick and that it focuses on friendship and all things girl :) This never fails to make me smile! - or wish i had a tiffany engagement ring..

The Parent Trap

I first fell in love with this film at a tender young age of 9, back when Lindsay Lohan was this angelic little thing, not the rebel we know today. I had absolutely no idea that she played both of the twins in this and genuinely thought it was two different people.. this shocked me somewhat in years to come! This is a remake of an old film, where identical twin girls separated as babies meet at a summer camp and decide to switch places. This film always used to make me wish i had a twin sister, and for quite a long time i wanted to be called Hallie! I think i related to this a lot when i was younger because i have seperated parents who have remarried. Again, very funny, and i love the scene where the mum is doing the photoshoot at her bridal shop (what is it with me and wedding dresses?!) I also love the song There She Goes which i know plays at some point and always gets me singing along! - definately one for the car CD.


Do i even bother with an explanation? everyone loves Grease!
My mum first bought me this on VHS - ;) - many many years ago and at first i just used to watch it for the songs, not really understanding the story until i was a bit older (which turned out to be just as epic) It's by far the best musical ever ever ever with some of the best tunes to have a sing and a dance to. Olivia Newton John has us all convinced she the most beautiful woman in the world in this film and to be quite honest she probably was. I'd kill to look like Sandy! Anyway from start to finish this has me smiling and bopping along, i love all the old 50's outfits! Imagine a typical girl's outfit still consisted of a cardigan and a skirt past the knee haha, oh how times have changed. This is a film i am determined my kids will fall in love with too!

"we'll alwaysss, be togetherrrrr"! - ♥

Three Men and a Baby

Yes! It's Richard from friends! Haha. He is also Tom in one of my other all time favourites! Basically 3 typical blokes, all out-doing Simon Cowell in the waistband department wayyy before his time have to care for a baby when it's unexpectedly left on their doorstep. Such an easy watch and so heartwarming! The baby is adorable. I loveeeee the end of this film. Tis still a good'un.

Steve Martin. Yaaay! You can't beat a good Steve Martin film. Especially one where he's being attacked by dogs, falling into swimming pools, stealing hot dog buns, getting arrested and generally losing the plot. You'll also notice how i've managed to sneek another wedding related film in here (i think i have a problem) Despite how 90's everything is you can't help but fall in love with all of it, even the dress.  The sequel to this film is just as good. Definately a feel good favourite!

and finally.. last but definately not least.

Home Alone

My favourite film of all time.
I cannot actually explain to you my love for this particular motion picture, since i was little this has always had a special place in my heart. I know everyone loves a bit of home alone but i'm seriously obsessed with it haha. My top thing to do if i win the lottery would be to buy the home alone house! I love the second one just as much, and get pretty peeved if people try and tell me the 3rd or the 4th is better. HELLO. Where's Mcauley Culkin?! Anyway i know this is really a christmas one but if i catch it on telly at any other time of year i have to watch it anyway.

No other film will make me feel as good as Home Alone! :)


Hope you've enjoyed my waffle.
What are your feel good films?

JessLoren x


  1. Great picks! I love Parent Trap, it's just really entertaining and well done :) Lindsay Lohan peaked in that movie haha

    1. Haha i agree, it was all downhill from there! x

  2. I love love love those movies!!! Your post has just made my whole day;-)))

  3. I love all of these movies! Apart from one that I haven't seen, 'Father of the Bride' I will definitely have to try and watch that soon!
    I have just followed you as I love your blog, would you mind checking mine out?

    1. Oh you defo have to watch Father of the Bride if you like the others, it's a proper chick flick :)

      & thanks hun I will have a look at your blog


  4. love all those films!
    lovely post and blog :)

    check me out..