Wednesday, 18 July 2012


*Slaps wrist*

I am a terrible blogger. 17 days and not a single post..
I'm not exactly sure what my excuse is, i think i'm just lazy and a little uninspired.. Still wanting to get my giveaway underway but just haven't got around to buying the goodies yet. (again lazy) i promise i will sort my life out soon and get the ball rolling..

I've been a tad engrossed in lifestyle posts recently and i realised that i follow very few "lifestyle blogs" as such. Don't get me wrong i love a beauty fix but at the moment i just fancy a bit of a different read. Can anybody recommend any blogs i can have a fresh trawl through?


I'm currently a third of the way into 50 Shades Darker, some of you may have read my previous post about the first book here. Initially i was really gripped by the whole concept of the 50 Shades trilogy, it was really different and exciting and i threw myself into the book number 1. To begin with i loved it, however the more i read the more i am beginning to dislike the writing style of E. L. James. She's quite repetitive and i'm beginning to roll my eyes at almost every page. (eye rolling eh, Christian himself would have a fit) .. you fellow readers will understand that one! ;)

I am still determined to finish the books.. partly because i paid about 12 quid for them, so i want my money's worth! haha. But i'm also hoping Miss James can redeem herself a little and i will end up a little more satisfied when i've finished. I have to admit i am enjoying this one far more than the first, the story seems to be unfolding a little better.


In other news i am 100% heading towards full scale depression about my lack of holiday-ing this summer. Working on a temporary contract means i don't get my proper jollies until October, but taking people on theirs everyday is making me want to cry! Everyone necking drinks, in their sunhats, cheering when the captain announces the temperature.. I get a quick peek at the sunshine for about an hour before i close up the doors and i'm back in the sky :( Don't get me wrong, i adore my job.. but i'd adore a holiday too!

Still loving reading everyones holiday related posts though. You all keep nudging me on shopping spree's with your outfit posts. I blame the lot of you for my dwindling bank balance!


Hope everyone is having a nice summer so far despite the british weather

JessLoren x



  1. I am yet to start these books and the hype hasn't died down yet so they must be good haha! And i also blame all the blogs i read for my dwindling bank balance :)

  2. Oh yess i know what you mean with the eye rolling! The lip biting annoyed me so much in the first one! Im still unsure as to whether to embark on the next two.. would you say its worth it or will it ruin it for me? haha

    Aww i can imagine its awful for you taking people on their holidays every single day!! I work in a shoe shop and it annoys me when they all come in for sandals and tell me all about their holidays when ive just got back *crys* - so i cant even imagine how it must be for you!! Eep!


    1. i'm not even half way into the second so i can't comment very well but so far it's a lot better than the first i think! we'll see!

      and aw it seems everyone gets their fair share of holiday envy no matter where they work! :) xx

  3. Hi :) I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!