Friday, 20 July 2012

YSL Lipgloss Shade 42

This is my favourite lipgloss at the moment, perfect for summer. I picked it up for a bargain £5 in the staff shop at the airport and i wasn't really expecting much.. lipgloss is lipgloss right?


YSL lipgloss far surpasses any of the cheap brands i normally purchase, the formula is gorgeously thick and creamy, leaving my lips feeling fuller and sexier! It tastes slightly of apples, which i think is a bonus as you always end up eating half of the stuff throughout the day! This particular shade is a subtle light pink colour with a lovely sparkle that really catches the light. I wear this with all sorts of outfits but something pink and girly would look perfect with this colour. I've worn this to work for a few weeks now and i've had loads of lovely comments, my mum keeps saying my lips look "3D" when i wear it. Will definately look to purchase more YSL lipglosses in the future :)


JessLoren x


  1. I want one sooo much!

  2. This looks gorgeous!!

  3. I love YSL lipglosses too, I think they're fantastic. I definitely need more shades! x

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