Friday, 16 November 2012

I'm Back

Well the post title confirms it, i'm back.

I haven't done a proper blog post in over 3 months now and i think its finally time to get stuck into my baby again! I absolutely loved blogging over the spring/summer months and spent an awful lot of time making sure JessLorenx was just how i wanted it; but, with the pressure of work and a bunch of other stuff it went right to the back of my list of priorities and i really just didn't feel like posting at all.

Now however, i have ridiculous amounts of time on my hands and i've got the urge to have a good old waffle, and who else would listen to me besides you guys?! My fixed term contract with Monarch ended in October and i wont be back flying again until about March. After a string of unsucessful winter job interviews i currently find myself unemployed and sitting at home the majority of the day.. twiddling my thumbs. Ace. It was actually quite nice at first after getting up at 3am and 16 hour days but now i'm seriously bored out of my skull and need something to fulfill my days besides Jeremy Kyle, This Morning and Loose Women.


I have just got back from THE most amazing holiday ever which i initially posted about way back in April when i booked it. Mexico was just incredible. The weather, the hotel, the people, i just had the best time and now have a serious case of holiday blues! Me and my boyfriend crammed so much into our 10 days that I'm also starting to think it will be virtually impossible to top this holiday next year, but hey we can have fun trying!

I'm going to do a full post on Mexico as i've got so much to share with you guys.


I'm also super excited about a Christmas! I mean who isn't at the moment? With all the adverts on tv, decorations in the shops and advent calendars chilling on the shelves! I don't care if it's still November i'm definately jumping on the bandwagon and starting to feel a little bit festive. I will probably have a lot to blog about in the area in the coming weeks so stay tuned for me waffling on about how much i love Home Alone and those little Cadbury's Christmas biscuits! - eeeeee.


I'm happy to be back blogging and can't wait to get started with some new posts.
Hope everyone is well :)