Sunday, 10 February 2013

Arm Candy

A few weeks back i was having a girly shopping day with a friend at the Trafford Centre, and i was on the hunt for some nice clothes with the vouchers i'd received at Christmas. I was really hopeful i'd get some nice bits and pieces, however as per usual when I actually have the funds there was next to nothing that i liked. Dissapointing!

I hate going out shopping and coming back empty handed so when i spotted these little beauties half price in Miss Selfridge, i was pretty chuffed that my trip hadn't been a total waste of time!

(apologies for the lighting in these snaps! i always decide to blog at daft times of night)

Both packs were originally £8.50, reduced to £4.25.

To be honest i never used to be into jewellery like this at all. I was huge chunky bangles type of girl, and i used to bypass stuff this small thinking it was a bit pointless.. but my sense of style has definately changed recently and now i find myself liking these little understated bits more than ever. 

I've had a huge obsession with crosses of any size for a long time now so thats probably why i was drawn to the set at the top. I also really liked the idea behind the "Always. Believe. Love" and how the symbols on the bracelets matched up to the words. Very cute!

My favourite of them all however is the little brown J - I think initial jewellery can be really sweet when it isn't overly large and tacky.

The beauty of these little bracelets is that they can look lovely when worn invidually but create a gorgeous boho style look when you mix them all together, regardless of style and colour.
I'm definately keeping my eyes peeled for more of these
 What do you think?



  1. oof Jess I love that J one, love little bracelets like this they remind me of festivals haha


  2. oh wow so so pretty, I want them all :). Thanks so stopping by my blog and for your nice comment,added you on twitter if you want to follow back :) xx