Monday, 11 February 2013

Back On The Wagon

I was looking through some of my old blog posts yesterday and i came across one i'd written way back in June of last year. I was having one of my random monthly bursts of enthusiasm towards weightloss and exercise and i'd decided to give the 30 Day Shred workout dvd a go. (read original post here)

I was so geared up for doing it that i genuinely thought this would be the first time i'd see something like this through. I'd researched a ton of people who had gone the whole hog and the results they had acheived really did seem astonishing, and i thought hey i can do that. I mean how hard could it be? It's only 20 minutes after all.. it's only 1 month of your life.. it's only a bit of exercise.

I only lasted 3 days. Infact i think i might have given up half way through workout number 3 meaning i only really lasted 2. 
My efforts were laughable, and i quickly dusted the whole thing off and forgot all about it. Until now..

It's really irritating me that i didn't try harder with the whole thing.
 Don't get me wrong it wasn't a piece of cake by any means.. it was extremely hard to the point where you feel it's impossible, but deep down i know it's not. I know that hundreds of people much more out of shape than me have completed it, so what's my excuse?

I really want to give it another go, and i've decided i'm going to attempt it again tomorrow morning. This probably isn't the best time to start it up again, as i go on holiday in 10 days, essentially cutting everything off for a whole week. But i feel like if i put it off for my holiday then i'll put it off again when i get home and i'd rather just have a stab at it now whilst the urge is strong!

I've also heard that the first 10 day section is what gives you the most dramatic results, so should i see a slightly leaner looking self just in time for Egypt that'll be a bonus. I'm not entirely sure if i will fair any better this time (my confidence is zilch) but we'll soon see.. and i'm determined to blog about the end result this time, regardless of how early it may be!

Stay tuned for a report tomorrow. Eeeek.


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  1. Firstly, enjoy your holiday! Secondly, you can do it! Remember, anything is a bonus if you don't exercise much! Think about the end results, I am sure you will do fine!
    I've just done a new photography post, wanted to know if you guys like them and if you wanna see more, would you have a look and let me know?