Sunday, 24 March 2013

Back Again

Hola! I'm baaaack.. (again)

 I can be such an unreliable blogger at times.. Sincere apologies!

 I think the last time i left off i was super excited about my holiday to Egypt, i was attempting some kind of healthy fitness regime but failing miserably and i was eagerly waiting to hear about the date i could put my sky suit back on and get up in the air on ze planezz.

So, following on from that.. my holiday was lovely! and i'll do a proper post on that later on today for no other reason than i need an outlet for my unhealthy addiction to taking and sharing photo's. My exercise regime is very much up in the air and i'd like to crack the whip on this pronto. Last week i was super good and went swimming about 5 times but this week i've not been once! Hmmm.. i think it's this miserable weather that's preventing me want to go outside AT ALL, even to walk to the car! But i have been busy with interviews which leads my on nicely to my final point that i have finally heard my long awaited return date to work. Unfortunately it's not until May :( which sucks major amounts. So i've managed to find myself a little receptionist job to keep me going until then which i start on Monday! I am soooo excited to get back to work and actually have something to do in the day. I am not cut out for this unemployed business - bored bored bored!

I have spent a lot of time reading other blogs in my time off and i'm really getting into the whole you-tubing thing (yes i know very late to this party) But i'm really enjoying watching everyone's video's and seeing all the lovely bloggers in person is really nice! I'm considering doing my own video although it does petrify me because i always detest my voice when i hear it back but i think most people do so i should just suck it up and do it anyway. I don't really have a great camera either and none of this tripod equiptment which always helps so it would probably be via my crappy webcam.. still worth doing? i don't know, what do you think?

Stay tuned anyway got a few post idea's in mind and gonna get cracking with this Egypt one shortly. 


Much Love

JessLoren x

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