Sunday, 24 March 2013


So you might have read a while back that i was using my birthday money to go to Egypt with my boyfriend in February. I was really excited to get away and get some sun seeing as how the weather here in England has been something of a joke and is just not warming up at all! Boooo snow.

We had a lovely time although because of Jay's work we could only book it slap bang in the middle of the half term break, and because we had booked one of the "splash" hotels you can imagine it was crawling with kids! We would probably have liked a more chilled, relaxed kind of vibe but we knew when we booked it that we likely wouldn't get that and we still enjoyed ourselves anyway. The weather was beaut, really hot! and we did nothing but eat, drink, sunbathe and enjoy the onsite water park for the whole week. We left the hotel once for a meal at TGI Fridays (which was weirdly different to our own) but still nice, but other than that the complex had it all. 

I'd probably go back to Egypt again in the winter time because the flight time isn't too long for the weather you get but i'd definately look at some adults only hotels next time!

Here's some snaps from the trip.. (P.S i look very young in all these pictures! a 15kg luggage allowance meant no straighteners, no curlers, half of my normal make up selection and lots of au naturelle ;) haha enjoy)

(this face is cracking when you zoom in haha!)

The pictures where i'm in the blue dress are when we went to the NICEST restaurant ever! You actually cooked your own meats on a special stone grill right infront of you so i cooked my steak just how i liked it! The food was gorgeous and it such a fun experience although i was petrified i was gonna burn my fingers off haha!

As you can see i didn't opt for the bandaeu bikini so my strap marks were so blatant! but i thought it wouldn't really matter much anyway seen as we came home to arctic temperatures and my coat came straight back out of my wardrobe.

Overall a lovely break away, can anyone recommend any other nice hotels in Egypt for next time we go?


Much Love

JessLoren x


  1. It looks like you had a great time!

    Megan x

  2. Aw Jess it looks like you had such a nice time. I've always seen the splash hotels and secretly part of me wants to go there :P It looks really fun! Im all for lazy rivers and all of that jazz! Very jealous of you getting some sunshine you lucky, lucky girly xx

  3. Wow!! What a nice hotel you stayed at. Looked like so much fun!

  4. I'm jealous, you look lovely xx

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