Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Snoozeday Tuesday

Okay so here goes.. my first proper post! Today i have done virtually nothing but catch up on my tv programmes, when i really should have been revising for my Monarch exams.. oops! To be honest i blame my friend who was supposed to coming round for a study sesh and then cancelled, put me right off! It's a good job i didn't have company anyways as i've had a proper bad curly hair day - i hardly EVER wear my hair in it's natural state but i thought i'd give the straighteners a rest as it's been in really bad condition lately. So, after fighting it ALL day i started playing around with it and wala! just before bedtime it decides to behave. Shame it's only for my benefit! I had to take a quick pic anyway to capture my effort :)

I've also had a mare of a day with my skin, as now 2 weeks on from my holiday (where i caught virtually no sun) my legs have started to peel! i usually use garnier summer body lotion with a gradual self tan however i didnt think applying this to flaky skin would be a good idea so i went rooting through my drawer for an alternative and found this little beauty.

I think i got this in a gift set for christmas and i have never really used it before but after slathering it on to get rid of the awful flaky-ness i realised how absolutely devine it smells! It's also a really lovely smooth texture and even leaves my hands feeling silky afterwards - not sticky like a lot of other moisturisers do which means i have to run off and wash my hands! I have lots left in the pot having only just started using it but will definately look into purchashing some more! Even the packaging is lovely and elegant. I think this can be bought from Boots along with the other Gok range. I wasn't really expecting to do product reviews so soon into my blogging life but seen as i've had such a boring day this was definately a highlight and i felt the need to share!


So there we have it! round one complete! :)

JessLoren x

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