Sunday, 18 March 2012

Clinique Redness Solutions Powder

All hail Clinique.
This is the best £24.50 i have ever spent!

If anybody suffers from redness in the skin as i have for years you will understand what an absolute nightmare it can be. When you get all dolled up for your night out, spend HOURS getting ready, have the best time ever and then get home to find you look like a walking tomato on all your photo's it's slightly devastating to say the least. I think this problem only tends to occur in much lighter skin tones like mine. I am very naturally pale with freckles and the slightest stressful or energetic situation, the skin on my face and neck rejects it you wouldn't believe. Unless your wearing extremely heavy make-up it is quite an obvious and embarassing problem and i never thought i'd see the back of it - until this little beauty made it's way into my life.

Appologies for A - the appalling photo's with bad lighting and B - the condition of the tub (i have had this for a while!)

I was initially introduced to this product by my mum, who also suffers from the same problem. She has used various different Clinique products for a long time so naturally is was her go to brand to resolve a problem like this. Clinique have a range of products in the redness solutions range with a selection of creams and powders, however the lady in the shop recommended she try Instant Relief Mineral Powder. This is an absolute beauty.

You get so much powder in this pot it's unreal. I have been using mine for nearly a year now and it's nowhere near running out. The idea is to apply this to your face if you feel "flushed" and your skin starts to redden, however it can also be used as a preventitive. I apply this generously on top of my foundation all over my face and neck area and it works miracles. No redness whatsoever! It's brilliant. It's really light and blends into the skin so well.. doesn't leave you looking yellow as i initially feared with the colour of this powder! So far this is the only product from the range i have purchased but i am definately going to invest in the Instant Relief Pressed Powder (£25) as this tub can be a tad fiddly/messy when your on the go.

Definately recommend this for anyone with this skin type!


JessLoren x


  1. Nice !! Must try :)

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  2. This looks amazing! I must try a sample out <3
    Zoe xoxo

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  4. I love Clinique. Their products are amazing! Lovely blog btw!

  5. Oooh I have not seen this one - love clinique so might gove this a go!

    1. Wow. Sounds like a great product. I'm definitely gonna have to give this a try. :)