Saturday, 3 March 2012


I don't know about everyone else, but i get the most lovely feeling inside when i do something for a charity - whether it be sticking a bit of loose change into a collection box or nipping into barnado's and finding a bargain! I always try to sponsor anyone who's going out of their way to do something to raise money for a good cause because a little bit of money really can make a lot of difference.

This however is a little closer to my heart..

The lovely Laura :)


I have been with my boyfriend for just over 3 years now; although we have been friends much longer.. and during my time with him I have grown to understand the difficulties his family faces every single day. His younger sister suffers from a rare Eosinophillic disorder which affects her everyday life to a degree nobody can really understand. She is extremely poorly and is often in a lot of discomfort and pain. Her illness means she struggles to eat the regular food that we all scoff down without a thought and take for granted, leaving her with a really restricted diet and also needing a feeding tube to ensure she gets some of the nutrition she so desperately needs. Despite how awful this illness really is, awareness is poor and the charity 'FABED' (families affected by eosinophillic disorders) is always in desperate need of donations; and this is where the reason for my post becomes apparant. 

My boyfriend's cousin has really used her initiative and decided to raise some money herself. Her idea is, that she will live "a week in the life of Laura" and live off the restricted diet Laura eats everyday. I think it is a fantastic idea and a really great way to raise not only money, but awareness too. I'd encourage everybody to get involved as even the smallest amount can make a huge difference but i really just wanted to share this with you all as i think it is really lovely that young people are sticking together through things like this.

You can visit the JustGiving page HERE and see how she is getting along :)


JessLoren x


  1. What a lovely post and sad at the same time but nice to see a family sticking together. Will definitely go check out the page. Thanks for posting xx

  2. lovely post !!! thats great what you are doing!! thank you for following me and i cant wait to read more posts!! :) xox

  3. What a lovely idea, I hope you raise as much money as possible to help the charity :) xxx