Monday, 5 March 2012

MUA Thoughts

Well today was my first day back at work! Well, kind of.. It was our induction day which meant a lot of sitting around and paperwork but still, the first time i've seen a lot of the other trolly dollies since the end of last season so i was damn sure wanted to look my best! Having been testing out my new MUA products in my own time for the last few days i decided i was confident enough to use them today in my mad rush to get ready! And i have to say I'm actually really impressed with some bits and a little underwhelmed with others..

My favourite by far are the lipsticks!

Today i went for shade 11 which is probably my favourite out of the 3 that i purchased. Its a gorgeous neutral deep browny-pink colour which to be honest looks boring as hell on the stick but really pretty on the lips, and great on a pale skin tone like mine. I was suprised at how smooth the texture of this product is and it left my lips feeling really moisturised and soft. I also found it stained my lips slightly meaning even when i thought i'd rubbed it all off i was still left with some colour. A big one for me is the horrible nasty taste you can get with some cheap lipsticks that really puts you off wearing them but these don't have that at all. For the £1 pricetag.. its a fantastic lippy! and i can see this being in my handbag for the rest of the summer.

 This was the product i was most excited about trying, the "extreme felt liner" .. I used to be big into eyeliner in my school days and then i kind of grew out of it.. But now i think i've realised that i have quite small eyes and eyeliner in the right places really helps to make them look bigger! On paper this product looks perfect; the dark colour you get from a normal eyeliner but the precision of a fine tipped pen, however i found it really hard to use. The eyeliner inside doesnt really soak the end of the pen properly so if you try applying with just the tip it feels quite dry and comes out patchy meaning you have to re-appy over and over to get a proper line. Also, because the tip is quite rigid, and not bendy and flexible like a normal eyeliner it's hard to use it on the more fiddly hard to reach places of your eye - you feel like your stabbing yourself! Overall i wasn't very impressed with this, but for the price (£2) it was worth a try and i think it would good for touching up on the go.

I've been quite stubborn with bronzers recently and haven't really branched out to try new brands but this one was only £2.50 and i really liked the shimmer it had. I also think anything too orange based looks ridiculous on my natural skin (unless i'm going tango for a night out) so the lighter brown and pink shades in this really appealed to me. This product definately delivers, it leaves my cheeks with a lovely sunkissed glow which is perfect for a natural look or can be topped up if you prefer a more obvious colour. I love this bronzer! - it's pretty to look at too :)


I completely forgot to take a picture of my face with all the products and by the time i remembered the daylight had done one so i'll try and take another one soon so you can see everything together.
I'm still to properly try out the rest of my MUA haul but i'll be back to you with my opinions on that soon!
I can't wait to get some wages and try some more of this range. A few more lippes and possibly the mosaic blusher and eyeshadows, has anyone tried these?


Much Love!
JessLoren x


  1. Ooo the bronzer looks lovely! I'll need to try this soon. (but I'm trying to stay out of Superdrug for the sake of my bank account lol) xx

    1. Haha! i know what you mean. But if your gonna spend your money on anything in Superdrug then MUA is your best bet, cheap as chips! :) x

  2. Such pretty colors! Love your nail color too!


  3. I love the colour of this lipstick, its gorgeous and so versatile xx

  4. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine and enter my Boohoo Giveaway!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  5. I love MUA, the eyeshadows are amazing! I use them all the time. I struggle with choosing the colour lipsticks though, I will give this one a try. It looks lovely.


  6. I absolutely love the lipstick! I think i want to give it a try lol!


  7. Completely agree with the MUA felt liner! I did a post on this only the other day love you blog! xo

  8. I found that with their eyeliner too! I use Collection 2000 extreme felt eyeliner now and I find this really good! The tip does start to dry out a bit after a few months, but i just assume thats because its running out and its time to get a new one :)

    Lovely blog