Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hello March!

Well it's definately true.. a bit of sun changes everyone's mood and makes for a nicer day! I personally have had the most lovely start to the month! :) Spent most of it with the boyfriend who i hadn't seen for quite a few days so that was nice in itself! we decided that because it was such lovely weather we'd go out on a little trip to Costa Coffee because it has a nice seating area outside. I absolutely LOVE their iced caramel latte's so i got my hands on one of those and basked in the sun. Heaven. It honestly felt like August.

A you can see i'm being good and sticking to my natural fro for now!

Here's Jay being super photo-genic as usual! Haha. I made him smile for one in the end but we decided he looks a teeny weeny bit chinese because the sun is in his eyes :) BLESS.


We then popped into Sainsbo's (my former work) to purchase a leek to make some more of my soup! Jay wanted to take some home for himself - that is how much my cooking has improved!! We also went to pick up my little sisters from school today to enjoy the weather a little more as it's only a short walk from my house. It was also world book day so i was dying to see all the kids dressed up. Boy. I was not dissapointed. I have never seen so many Harry Potter's and Ron Weasley's in one playground! I also fell in love with a little Buzz Lightyear running around - adorable. I reallyy do miss primary school it was awesome :( Anyway here is a pic of my little beauts in their outfits. Chloe left, went as a character from "the sleepover club" and Ellie went as a disney princess, which i argued the point wasn't a book until she went and fetched it from her room.. that was me told! by a 7 year old.. I think they look gorgeous :)

Me and Jay then had the pleasure of devouring one of my step dad's yummy curries for tea, with popadom, chutney, naan bread - the works! I had super healthy food all day because i knew this was coming but i still felt guilty.. It was, however, DEVINE. I would have taken a picture if i hadn't of wolfed it down as soon as it was put infront of me!


Then off we trotted to the Trafford Centre where we did a lot of "when we have money" window shopping. I've seen a beautiful dress in H&M that WILL be mine! Also made some bargain purchases as promised yesterday.. It was all from the MUA range in Superdrug (my other former work) which to be honest i have always looked at but never taken the plunge, however since my new blogging session has began i have discovered a lot of people raving about it and seen as i'm virtually skint at the moment i thought why not try it? I got 3 of their £1 lipsticks in shades 6, 7 and 11, a liquid eyeliner, the felt eyeliner and a mosaic bronzer in natural glow. I'm really excited about trying these out! the lipsticks are mainly for work and i have needed a new bronzer for a while now. Has anyone else tried these products? What do you think of them? Hoping to be impressed! I will probably write a review on this stuff when i've given it a good test run!

Finally, to finish my day i went to the cinema to watch Man On A Ledge. Cannot recommend this film enough it was amazing! Right up my street. We were slightly mortified at the ticket prices as they appeared to have gone up.. again! but we did receive two 2-4-1 vouchers which softened the blow a little. I have The Woman In Black and This Means War firmly in my sights as i think they look like great films too! Has anyone seen them? What's your verdict?

So yeah as you can see busy busy busy! I have really enjoyed it though and felt so much better for getting out of the house.. also got to drive my lovely new car around some more which is still super exciting haha. The novelty will soon wear off when i have to fork out for more petrol! Hope everybody else has had a nice start to their month! & Thank you everyone for the lovely comments so far, they really make my day!


Lots of Love,

JessLoren x


  1. i went to see 'Woman in Black' i liked it , i love jumpy kinda films and this was 1. x

  2. i love your 'natural fro'!!! gives you so much volume!! im also just trying out MUA - bought one of their eyeshadows and love it!! cute post xxx