Thursday, 8 March 2012

Information Overload

Having a COMPLETE meltdown today! Feel like i've been revising forever and nothing seems to be going in! Got 7 exams to sit just on monday and 4 of them are solid so yeah, pretty much dreading that. Can't wait for next week to be over :( Thinking of having a nice soak in the bath later to de-stress.. Found another load of smellies from last years Gok box set that have been rolling around unloved in my drawer so i'm gonna dig those out later and make myself smell yummy. Review to follow.. Blogging is seriously theraputic for me right now!

Also. It's come to that point where an extremely girly DVD is needed to boost my morale. Any suggestions ladies? I was thinking of Friends With Benefits or Bride Wars. Two of my faves. I would like to indulge in some new ones though.. can't beat a good chick flick.

Hope all of you are having a much calmer, stress free week!


Much Love

JessLoren x


  1. A great girlie film that I love is 13 going on 30, it's a nice, fun film to watch and you don't have to think too much while you're watching it unlike films like Inception which hurt my brain lol xxx

    1. aw i've not seen that in ages! top film.
      i agree about inception (still not got a clue) or shutter island :/ ha


  2. Hi , have you seen Bridesmaids ...its such a chick flick.. its really funny!! xx

  3. thanks for the follow lovely! Exams are the worst things ever! But even if it feels like nothing is going in, it will be :) Lovely blog! xo

  4. arh I hope they go ok! Reason to celebrate when they're over!! x

  5. best of luck! hope you have a better day tomorrow :) xoxo

  6. All the hard work will be worth it in the end, good luck!