Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pink + Glitter = Girl's Best Friend

This is just a quick post to show you how i've been rocking my nails so far this week

I go through stages of having lovely long natural nails to snapping them one by one and ending up with boyish stubs - as you can see i am currently having a good time with my nails! they're growing well and i always want to make them look pretty when they get this long :) hence how this look came about. To get it i used Barry M nail paint in Fuchsia and a Ruby Hammer glitter polish that came in a set i got for christmas. I have always loved Barry M and have a nice little increasing collection of their polishes. I had never tried Ruby Hammer before i received my gift set but they are lovely little polishes. They do have a very strong scent however and i'm not sure why this is? There are 6 other polishes in the set so i will do a review on this when i've given the others a try!

but I love how girly this looks! :) what do you think?


JessLoren x


  1. love that colour especially with the glitter! :) xx

  2. Love it!! I have the Barry M Fuchsia myself and it's such a lovely, girlie colour and with the glitter on top it looks gorgeous! I've just bought 4 new Barry M polishes in pastel colours and I'll be doing a post on them soon so look out for that if you're interested :)

    Emma xxxx

  3. lovely colour and i love a bit of sparkle! nice blog, now following :) xx

  4. i love the combination of the both nail varnishes. looks so pretty and edgy! :)
    I think your blog is great and I started to follow you! I can't wait to read more :) maybe you'll have a look on my blog also, dear :))


  5. Love the pink with glitter! Awesome combination. New follower:-)

  6. Love the combination of nail varnishes, looks really pretty!

  7. Gorgeous nails. I love the color. :)

  8. Hello :) well, I love to discover your blog! I love the photos, the way you write :). very cool :).god i love this color!!!:) well, what do you think we follow each other? tell me something, I liked! kisses and until soon I hope :)