Wednesday, 7 March 2012

MUA Liquid Eyeliner

Finally got around to using my new MUA liquid eyeliner!

To be honest i'm still a little undecided on whether this product is for me. It had good and bad points which i'll share with you;


* Price! Like all of the MUA range this is very affordable at £1
* Staying power. This didn't budge off my eye until i attacked it with a make up wipe
* The fine end which helps with the harder to reach area's of the eye

Not So Good

* The smaller sqaured off edge makes it hard get a good sweeping motion with the rest of the brush
* The shape of the brush only really helps if you want a thin line and makes thick lines difficult to achieve


Overall its not a bad product but i think i prefer the Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner, as i prefer a more traditional brush shape and it's almost as cheap as this one. I do think this product would really appeal to someone who only wants a really thin and probably more natural looking line, also it'd good for touching up in little area's with the fine tip.


JessLoren x

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