Saturday, 14 April 2012

Busy Week!

Hello you lovely ladies. Hope you've all had a nice week!
I'm currently curled up in bed with my remaining easter eggs indulging in a bit of Saturday night telly! (activate the cuuuube and all that jazz!) I've had an extremely busy week up to now so i feel like doing naff all :) .. apart from filling you in ofcourse.

I started off with a whole bunch of flights, been to Malaga a couple of times, Milan and Grenoble. Grenoble is a ski destination so i was freezing my little tootsies off standing at the back door on turn around! Made England feel suprisingly warm when i got home.. The sheer sleepy-ness with my works schedule has given me a new found love for coffee! I can honestly say i have never drank the stuff before now and was a firm lover of tea.. but a milky, sweet cup of coffee is my new found favourite. I now want to go to starbucks and see what they have to offer in this area - any recommendations?

Anyway here is the lovely view i had out of the office window on my break the other day. Got to say, i do love job! :)


I also think it may have been all this flying people to various lovely destinations that triggered me to book my own holiday this week - i want in on the action!

So, it's official. The countdown to Mexico 2012 has begun! Eeeeeeee.
I am oober excited as i have never been somewhere as exotic as this before! We are staying in a brand new 5 star RIU hotel in Cancun and it just looks devine. A lot more luxurious than the cheap self catering apartments i have been used to over the years! I think i need to share with you just how sexy this place looks:

Nice huh?! I now have an excuse to start stocking up on bikini's and dresses!


Yesterday was also the famous Ladies Day at Aintree that i'd been looking forward to so much! I have to say though i was a little bit gutted that the day didn't really turn out as i'd planned. It rained constantly throughout the afternoon and it really ruined the atmosphere for me anyway. Everybody ran for cover indoors which meant it was absolutely heaving, the toilet que's were probably the worst i've ever seen in my life and to top it off i managed to lean on a wobbly table and soak myself in other people drinks - top stuff! It wasn't until i got home i realised that is was actually Friday the 13th! .. explains it all really. I didn't manage to take many pictures but here's one showing what i wore

My dress was £40 from Wallis. It was originally £60 but was on offer at the time i bought it. (you can find it here) i slightly altered the sleeves with little gold clasps which you can see a teeny bit in this photo. It sinched the sides and opened it up which made it feel a lot younger, i didn't want to be totally covered up! This is actually a gorgeous flowing chiffon maxi dress not that you can tell from this photo which cuts it off! i'm gutted i didn't get any full legnth snaps before i got soaked but i plan to wear this dress again somewhere else! i love it.

This was my bargain purchase for the day, a sparkly gold case for my iphone - £2 from ebay! Yes i am extremely sad to match my phone to my outift but hey it's an accessory right?

Anyway I hope you all had a slightly less unlucky Friday the 13th and maybe got lucky on the Grand National today! I won 5 whole pounds haha, hardly a massive win but it beats the big fat nothing i've won every other year :)

Much Love.

JessLoren x


  1. So jealous right now!

    When are you off??

    Lola ..x

    1. On my jollies? the 29th of October :) feels like lightyears away! xx

  2. Omg! I'm so jealous that you're going to Mexico! It's next on my list of places to go but unfortunately with us having a little one it kind of limits where we can go at the moment so it'll be spain for us this year :( The hotel you're staying in looks amazing! I bet you're so excited! You look gorgeous in the green dress by the way :)love your hair! xxx

    1. Aw thank you, i'm rubbish with my hair i tend to wear it the same every time i go out haha. Was pleased with it that day though. And yeah I am SO excited i can't even tell you! i'm sure you'll still have a lovely holiday with your little one and maybe you can take him when he's a bit older! :) x

  3. Ooo I have so many comments haha- first, love the green dress on you! Next, that hotel looks soo chic =). Last, that cell phone case is a great steal for so cheap!

    xx Missy

  4. ooo hunnie! you look super gorgeous in that dress, oh my goodness!
    and how exciting is that trip!?
    have you been to mexico before?!
    would LOVE to hear any reviews if you have, hehe <3333

    1. Aw thanks! Took me long enough to find so i'm glad it looks decent! :)
      And i know i am beyond excited, i've never been to Mexico but i've heard so many good things about it, especially Cancun. A lot of my friends who work in travel say the diving is amazing and Coco Bongo the club is a must do! I'm hoping to swim with dolphins and take a boat trip! :) xxx

  5. love your dress,the colour suits you xx

  6. You look gorgeous! Why can't my hair go like that?! :( Great pictures :) xxx