Tuesday, 8 May 2012

May Splurges

Helloo everyone!

I realise this is the first time i've posted in about 3 weeks, i sincerely appologise for my lack of blogging!
I was really ill for about a week so basically just lay in bed feeling sorry for myself with my friends box set.. Then i've been pre-occupied with work - had loads of flights and also been trained on another aircraft which was another load of exams! (booo) I am now officially legal to fly on the B757 though, go me.

I have however found time to shop, and probably have steam coming off my bank card the amount of money i have spent in recent days! I thought i'd share some of my purchases with you. Most of you will realise that a LOT of the things i've bought have been quite popular amongst the blogging community lately and after reading such good reviews i've wanted in on a lot of it! other things i've just seen and liked the look of myself.

I'm absolutely loving the MUA range at Superdrug at the moment, after purchasing a bronzer and some of the lipsticks i was intruiged to try some other bits and bobs and with such a cheap pricetag on everything there really is no excuse! The nail polishes were £1 each and so far i have tried the bright pink one on the left and been extremely impressed with it! It was a such a good consistancy, really light and easy to apply and the colour pigmentation is suprising. I expected to need a fair few coats of this but it's safe to say i could easily have left it at just one. Fantastic little polish for a quick fix night out or something but of course stays on much better with a 2-3 coats. I am yet to try the other colours but the green is very unusual!


The eyeshadow palette is the heaven and earth palette that i have been recommended countless times and thought i might as well give it a go. It was £4 and is gorgeous mix of neutral colours that will be great for day wear and also to build a smokey eye for a night out. Really excited to experiment with this one!

Most of you bloggers will be no stranger to this foundation and i've been dying to give it a go. I have read such good things about Rimmel Wake Me Up that i have high hopes for it working wonders on my own face! It was £8.99 in Boots, however they are still running the offer where if you spend over £10 on Rimmel products you receive the Scandaleyes Mascara for free (worth £6.99) I'm a sucker for a bargain and quite fancied trying this mascara as the brush is similar to my trusty Bourjois Volume Clubbing so i went for it, picking up a Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses in Nothing But Nude (£5.99) to seal the deal. I have invested in a lip pen before and found it really dried my lips out so when Rimmel brought this one out with the balm end i thought it really solved a problem. I am forever trying on the testers whilst i'm out and think the colours are fantastic but opted for this deep orange colour as i have pink lip products coming out of my ears! Again, very excited to get trying all of these - especially the foundation!

I've needed a new foundation brush for ages and i've read a lot about the Real Techniques range and how good they are. I ideally wanted the Buffing Brush but as this only comes in a set and i didn't particularly want the other ones in it i was reluctant to part with £21 for it so i opted for the more traditional foundation brush instead. This was £9.99 from boots and i am promising myself now that i will take good care of this one! Hoping this will make my new Rimmel foundation look that bit more fantabulous!

I've jumped on the BB cream bandwagon. This was on offer in Boots for £7.49 so i snapped one up in the light shade. No idea how this will work on my freckled skin but we shall see! Review to follow.

I actually used to hate Converse! When they first became popular i thought of them as like "weird mosher shoes" haha. Being the super cool kid i was wouldn't have been seen dead in a pair. However they've really grown on my over the years especially the lower ankle ones and i've been lusting after a white pair for ages! These were £40 from Schuh and the girl also gave me a cheeky 10% student discount even though i'm not a student! making them £36 :) lavly. They are so comfortable and will get a lot of wear with shorts and dresses this summer! I've also got my eye on the blue pair too!

This picture really does these jeans no justice, they are MUCH nicer on! They're "soft skinnies" - £40 from Topshop and you might be suprised to know that this is the first pair of jeans i have purchased in about 4 years. I just stopped wearing them when i stopped being a size 8! Because I couldn't find any that suited/fitted me properly so just gave up looking and stuck to leggings! But came across these today and decided to give them a try. They are such a flattering cut for those of us who don't have washboard stomachs. I find Topshop jeans all seem to be designed as "hipsters" and this does not suit me at all, emphasises my hips and tum all wrong! these sit slightly higher around the waist, i wouldn't say they are "high waisted" as such but they do definately come up higher and the soft fabric means despite them being skinnies putting them on and taking them off isn't a complete battle! I love love love these jeans and can't wait to wear them with my Converse!


And that ladies is where a lot of my money has gone, i have also made some purchases online at ASOS and H&M so will post about those when they arrive..
I've suddenly found myself willing payday along again haha. Whoops!

Hope the rain is finally clearing off for most of you
We were actually almost free of the wet stuff today :O

I will be doing some reviews on all this stuff very soon once i've got to grips with it!


Much Love

JessLoren x


  1. Looks like you've got some great stuff there! I'm dying to try some MUA makeup too! I have the Wake me up foundation but I haven't tried it yet, I also got the mascara but I didn't like it :(, I'm very interested in the 1000 kisses though so looking forward to that review! I really like the Garnier BB cream but I want to try some more before I decide on one favourite, love the Converse! Wow that was a long comment! lol xxxx

    1. hahaha seems we have very similar tastes in a lot of things! how come you didn't like the mascara? this is the first bb cream i've purchased so i'm hoping its good! xxx

  2. All these bits look really nice :) I have the Heaven and Earth Palette too and it's great :)

  3. The MUA palette is really really nice and just like me topshop reignited my need for jeans with their Leigh jeans, now i can't take them off! x

  4. I love MUA stuff. So cheap but really good! x