Friday, 6 April 2012

Shopping Success!

Today i hit the shops.. again! Mainly in search of items to match my ladies day races dress. I haven't photographed this yet as i don't think one on the hanger will do it justice, and i'd much rather show it you in all it's glory on the day :) so stay tuned for that!

I was on the hunt for shoes, a bag and some jewellery today and managed to get all of these and also pick up a few other random bits along the way! Primark was a big hit for me again today just can't get enough of it at the moment! So kind to the purse. Here's my haul..

4 Pack of Rings - £2.00 Primark

Gold Headband - £1 Primark

Bangles - £3 Primark

Bracelets (to be worn as fancy anklets) - £1 Each Primark

Multipack Studs - £2.00 Primark

Yellow Cardi - Reduced to £5 Primark

Aztec Cardi - Reduced to £5 Primark

Heels - £12 Primark

Gold Watch - £14.99 Argos

Gold Clutch - £7.99 H&M

Gold Dolly Shoes - £14.99 H&M

Famous Blush - £6.50 Superdrug


As you can see A LOT of gold going on here as most of it is for my outfit! I'm really chuffed with the cardi's, Primark seems to be reducing all of their winter stock at the moment so there is some bargain's to be had! The aztec one actually looks a lot like one i had my eye on in Republic a few weeks ago, but for a fraction of the price!

The blush i was absolutely over the moon to find, it is by far the best blusher i have ever used and when i'd tried my friends i was desperate to get my hands on it but was told it had been discontinued! :( me and my friend hunted high and low at every Superdrug store and it did seem to be true until today.. when we spotted a handful of them on the shelf. Turns out they aren't discontinuing it after all so happy days! :) i will be doing a proper review on this soon cause i absolutely love it.

Hope you have all had a lovely day and are looking forward to the bank holiday weekend! i am working the whole of it so bohoo. But it'll all be worth it when i have next weekend off for ladies day!

Happy Early Easter!


JessLoren x


  1. Love the rings, headband, bangles, REALLY love the earrings and the H&M clutch! I need to get my arse to Primark! Great haul :) xx

  2. Those heels and flats are so cute! I especially love the bangles! What a great deal.

  3. I looooove that aztec print cardigan, might have to take a trip to Primark again in the next few days, I want one! Can't believe it was only £5.00! xxx

  4. You got such cute stuff! I agree with xlustaprimavista above, that cardigan is GORGEOUS! lovely post xoxo

  5. love the clutch

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  6. Your comment helped me stop crying. Thank you for that.
    I appreciate your support!!!