Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Garnier BB Cream

Okay i'm really late to this party and i know most of you will have read tons of reviews on this already so i'll keep it short and sweet. I finally decided to purchase this product on a Boots spree the other week after hearing such good things about it.

At first however i must admit i wasn't thrilled with it. I had picked up the "light" shade as i do have very fair freckled skin and the first time i used it i applied to my natural skin with no fake tan just to see how it would look. I found even this lighter shade was slightly too "orange" for my natural skin tone, it left me with an unsightly streak along my hairline! After being slightly put off i did go back to the product after applying a very light fake tan which i use daily anyway and found it worked tons better!

It's a lovely creamy formula but not too thick, very easy to apply and blend. I have been using a foundation brush to apply this just to get a lovely even coverage but you could quite easily apply this with your fingers and i'm sure it would work just as well and in half the time. It has a really pleasant citrus smell which makes a change from a lot of other products i have used in the past. This cream claims to even out skintone and boosts glow which i do think it does. I use it largely as a base under foundation and find it helps me to acheieve the coverage i like on my face. I also like that this product has UV protection because especially now the sun has decided to show it's face.. i hate the thought of slathering on suncreme over my make up!

Overall this is a brilliant little product to keep your face moisturised, protected and looking fresh. However i really don't recommend this for very fair skintone's unless they bring out a shade that's lighter than light! - as it is clearly not quite light enough for us pale kids :) haha. There are some good offers on this at both Boots and Superdrug at the moment so if you are thinking of purchashing now is a very good time! I waited until the hype had died down and got it much cheaper.


Much Love

JessLoren x


  1. You think you're late to the party? I've never even tried this! Haha... although the reason being is because I'm ultra pale and I'd already heard that their "light" wasn't really light at all lol. :P
    At least it worked good with your fake tan! I hope they do come out with some lighter colours because I would love to try it :)

    1. Yeahh they should definately do a "really light" shade or something cause it is a lovely product but obviously no good when the colour is wrong! Works wonders with my fake tan like haha, i'm not a true pale kid cause i'm always tanning! xx

  2. I really like this too but I must admit the 'Light' shade seems more like a 'Medium' to me xx