Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Real Techniques Foundation Brush

I had been wanting this little brush for WEEKS so i was so excited when it finally became part of my collection. I have probably owned about 4 foundation brushes over the years varying in price and tend to find that the more i have paid, the longer they have lasted. This was nessecary expensive at £9.99 but there are definately cheaper ones out there.

For me anyway this was worth the extra few pounds. You can tell as soon as you take this out of the box how well made it is, the bristles are so gorgeously soft i couldn't stop running it over my face! The shape of this brush is very clever with the angled head, it means you can get right into the creases on your face especially around the eye area, blending everything together nicely and leaving no streaks. I also found the flat bottom handy as it will stand up on your dresser, perfect to avoid getting foundation everywhere.

This particular range of brushes were designed by a lady called Samantha Chapman who is a YouTube legend! and has also provided a whole host of video's on her website based around these brushes which help you in how to use them and the various different looks you can create with them. I love this brush and i've promised myself to look after it well and wash it regularly! as long as i do i believe this will last me a really long time.

Can anybody recommend any other brushes from this collection? i'm dying to try the buffing brush!


JessLoren x


  1. The buffing brush is so good! I've read a lot about it and I just couldn't believe it is as amazing as everyone is saying but it is so good. I really like the contour brush aswell.

    Natasha x

    1. Aw really? i'm going to have to cave and buy them! payday on friday thank god! xxx

  2. I need this brush in my life! I don't know why I haven't bought it yet lol xxx

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  3. I have got couple of their brushes and I love it!! Especially their blush brush and stippling brush <3 defo worth every penny!!

  4. jumping back on the blogging bandwagon Jess!