Thursday, 7 June 2012

June Lusts

Here's a few bits i've been lusting after this month. Pretty sure i'm gonna cave soon and buy most of them! .. saving is so hard!


1 - Wooden Cross Ring, £6.49 from Miss Selfridge

2 - Razzmatazz Nail Polish, £6 from Topshop .. keep eyeing this on Instagram, nicest glitter polish i've seen in ages!

3 - Cream Embroidered Bandeau, £28 from Miss Selfridge .. think this would look so cute with leggings and my converse but miffed with the pricetag, steeeeep!

4 - 60ml Alien Refillable Parfum, £53 from duty free at the airport, this smells amazinggg and is so much
cheaper in the long term to invest in the refillable bottle.

5 - Dipped Hem Dress, £42 from Miss Selfridge.. this is such an unusual dress that i can see myself wearing both on a night out and on holiday. Love it!


So yeah as you can see good old Miss Selfridge really doing it for me at the moment.

What are you lusting after?

JessLoren x


  1. You need to get Alien, it's amazing! Wear it every day, only use 3 squirts and it lasts from 7.30am til I have a bath.


  2. Love Miss Selfridge,

    just became your newest member, hope we can be blog buddies!

    Gem x