Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cancun Part 2

So this is the second post about my holiday to Mexico but before i start i just want to share a little something with my blog readers.

I'm really enjoying getting back to blogging and writing these holiday posts at the moment, and i have to say that recently whenever i've thought about blogging my idea's all seem to have been fairly lifestyle based. I know i used to do a lot of  product review style posts but i seem to have lost my passion for that in the last few months - that might just be because i'm completely skint and can't really treat myself to much right now but either way i only want to blog if i'm going to enjoy it. So i think for the time being you will see more posts like this on JessLorenx and a little less of the make-up and skincare rambles. I'm not sure if that will suit everybody's tastes but for me that's what i feel happiest writing about :)

So having said that let's pick up where i left off the other day..

So these pictures are from the night we went on the Thomson bar crawl, and it was absolutely mental! To explain the first picutre we got the local bus to the first place but it stopped just short so we had to walk along the pavement for about 5 minutes and after a while we noticed we kept coming across these signs.. Basically we were right next to the lagoon which is apparantly filled with crocodiles!!!! and these signs were to warn people! I'd took far too long getting ready to be a crocodile snack to i practically ran all the way there.. big wimp :)

We went to four different clubs, starting off in Senior Frogs which is really well known for being a bit of a crazy place! The minute we arrived we were handed the biggest cocktails i've ever seen, i really wanted to bring the cup home but it wouldn't fit in my bag haha. Everyone was up dancing on the tables and doing stupid stuff, there was even a WATERSLIDE upstairs that went into the lagoon! Needless to say i avoided that at all costs but i think it's a big hit when everyone's really wasted.

The next two clubs were pretty cool, Sweet was really futuristic with lots of cool lights and Mandala was an open front club with no windows and an amazing atmosphere. We had open bar wrist bands for all the places and the waiters were fantastic at keeping us topped up with drinks. It beats fighting your way to the front of a bar in Manchester that's for sure!

And finally we finished up at Coco Bongo's which is probably the most famous club in the world! It was INSANE. Basically its a club that also has constant shows going on throughout the night, we got to watch Moulin Rouge, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Queen. They do all kinds of acrobatics above the audience and have streamers and confetti going off all the time. I've never been anywhere quite like it and we loved it so much that we booked to go again but in the VIP area. More on that later!

We booked a dolphin swim trip for the Saturday and the place we went to do it also happened to have a pretty cool water park. Turns out that the trip we'd booked included park wrist bands too so we got to go on a bunch of fun slides (one of which had me landing on my head literally) They also had a really big wave pool which was a workout in itself! and a nice chilled out lazy river that seemed to go on forever. It was such a fun day, we caught so much sun and got a good 5 hours of playtime crammed in before we had to head to the dolphin pool.

Now we decided months beforehand that we wanted to swim with dolphins whilst we were in Cancun but i was a little bit nervous about it and not entirely sure i'd go through with it. You see i'm one of those people that if you sing the jaws theme tune whilst i'm in a swimming pool or even the bath (yes really) i will jump out screaming like a great big girl and refuse to get back in again.. so i thought i might see the fin in the water and refuse to get in, but i was so wrong. I fell in love with them the minute i saw them. They're absolutely beautiful little things, with such brilliant personalities. I knew they were clever but i was literally amazed at the stuff they could do and felt totally at ease when i got in the water.

We were really lucky in that we got to do it totally by ourselves, as sometimes you have to participate in a group which means they're in all your snapshots too! It was really lovely, just me, my boyfriend and a dolphin each! I can't recommend this experience enough to anyone who hasn't done it because it's something i will never forget for the rest of my life. Jay said he didn't think he'd ever seen me smile so much :)

So me, Jay and our friends decided to go and explore a little in Cancun town one night. We had a bash at haggling on the flea market (which i am truly awful at) but we did get some good bargains! And we'd spotted a "hooters" when we were on the bar crawl so for the sake of saying we'd been to hooters, we went for a drink. Well, our friends ended up with LITRES of beer. Yes thats right, one whole litre in a glass. Each! So that was them in the mood for a good time, but we didn't quite enjoy having to pay for our drinks so back we headed to the hotel to make the most of our all inclusive, and that's where the fun began..

What started off as a few friendly games of pool quickly turned into "losers do tequila shots pool" andd needless to say we got very drunk very quickly! It was such a good night with such lovely people that it's another really memorable part of the holiday for me and i'll never forget how much i laughed that night. You can't see it on these pictures either but my white vest top was covered in blue pool chalk too because i kept leaning on it by accident haha! fashion fail.


And that wraps part 2 :)

I could defo do a 3rd part to this cause i have so many photo's but i genuinely can't be bothered.. It's also pretty depressing re-living it when i want to go back so sooo bad! So i hope you've enjoyed these 2 posts


JessLoren x