Monday, 7 January 2013

Hello 2013

Hi Beauts :)

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Again i have been slacking on posts with no real excuse.. But i'm in the mood for a natter and seeing as how my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a brand new laptop at crimbo (lucky, lucky girl) i thought it was about time i posted from my new baby.

The boy did good when choosing my new lappy! It's bright and white and shiny and the keys have that look about them that just makes you want to write an absolutely essay and savour the sound of the clicking. I'm not sure what to do with my old Dell as it is kind of falling to pieces, but still works fine if not a little slow? I'll hopefully find it a new home as it seems a waste to chuck it..

& This is my new one! Yaay. Preddy.

I got some other lovely bits and bobs for Christmas too, including some new Yankee Candles which i was absolutely buzzing about because my obsession with scented candles is now beyond unhealthy.

I also got some new Converse, Daisy Perfume, Clinique Make-Up, the Real Techniques brushes - Finally! Some new PJ's, the comfiest dressing gown EVER and umpteen bottles of Bailey's .. yummyyy.

All in all i didn't do bad at all considering i'm 21 now and supposedly thats the year that it all goes down hill! I love Christmas and i'm always on a bit of a downer as is everyone when it's over, but i am so pumped for the year ahead now that i just wish it would get rolling! I can't wait til the temperature heats up and the sun shows it's face because it always puts a smile back on mine!

My main goal for this year is to continue saving towards a house and maybe even put a deposit down by the end of the year.. realistically this might not happen until 2014, but we shall see!

I'd also like to start collecting bits for my new home, otherwise it's going to be a bit bare when we first move in!

I'd love to watch less crappy TV and replace it with reading which should be easier now i have my kindle. There's so many books out there that i've seen and thought "i'd love to read that" yet i still find myself tuning in to Jeremy Kyle first thing in the morning instead :/ (apalling but addictive, right?)

I'd like to go swimming more and become a bit healthier. I get into it on and off throughout the year but i'd like it to be a permanent part of my lifestyle from now on.

Although i plan to save a lot i still want to make the most of the fact that i'm young and without any sproglettes! I want to go on a few lovely holidays and see some more of the world. I have Paris and Egypt in my sights!

I really want to develop my personal style a bit more as i don't feel like myself in a lot of my clothes anymore. I know i can't go ahead and buy a whole new wardrobe in one so collecting bits and pieces here and there should hopefully do the trick in time.


2012 was amazing for me, i got myself a new car, had a fantastic flying season with Monarch, celebrated 4 amazing years with my boyfriend and had the holiday of a lifetime in Mexico. I've got faith that 2013 will be just as good and i can't wait to get cracking with all of the above!

a week late but hey - Happy New Year Everyone :)