Thursday, 10 January 2013

January Blues

The 10th? Is that it?
 Wow. We're only a 3rd of a way through this horrible month and i'm already 100% bored of it.

  January is seriously God’s way of slapping us around the face with the post-Christmas wet fish of reality, but why does it have to last an eternity?

 I'm so fed up of every advert on the box telling us to lose weight, join a dating website and start saving for next christmas?! No wonder people feel depressed in January, with the tv convincing us all we should all be skinny, in a relationship and totally organised. 

I've also heard this morning that the big winter freeze is finally kicking in, and we're gonna see a lot of the white stuff over the coming weeks; which is sure to make the whole country grind to a halt as usual! I'll probably still jump up and down like a big kid when i spot it falling, but as soon as i have to dig my car out of slush in the morning it'll be a totally different story.


On the plus side of things i have finally got myself a "Winter job" to tide me over until i go back to flying in the Spring. It's a waitress/bar staff position which i was extremely excited about as i've always fancied it but could never get the interviews due to lack of experience. Luckily enough for me, the place who have employed me prefer to hire people without experience and i finally got a chance to give it a go. 

I had a trial shift on Monday night and went in all guns blazing, totally ready to get stuck in and back to work. 4 hours later i emerged feeling like i'd been hit by a bus! I was SO tired, so overwhelmed and ached in places i'd forgot could ache.

 I have to say i have a new found respect for waiting staff, because the job is much harder than i anticipated. There's so much to remember i really felt like a fish out of water, and it took me back to how i felt when i first started flying - clueless! I know i'll pick it up eventually and i am still really excited about the job, but let's just say i may think twice about how much i tip when i am eating out in future, those guys deserve medals!

Does anybody with experience in this area have any tips for me?


How is this month faring for everybody else?
I'm willing on February like there's no tomorrow because let's face it.. PANCAKE DAY! :)




  1. BLERGH I hate January. Actually if I'm honest I hate everything cold after Christmas, I just want January and February to go away so it can start to get warm and summer can be here! Good luck with the job :)

    Isabelle | BELLAETC

    1. Yeah it's all down hill after crimbo. Summer can't come quick enough!

      & thanks :)

  2. 'Post-Christmas wet fish of reality' haha! love it, very true! xx

  3. Ha! So true!!! :)
    I worked as a waitress for a while, it can be very very hectic!!! I'd say no matter how stressed you are just make sure you fix a permanent smile on your face - its harder to be mad at someone who is smiling at you, and lets face it - teeth=tips! :D

    Loving your blog, your layout is beautiful!


    1. Haha well luckily the i picked up the everlasting smile whilst flying so i can put that to good use again! i'm intruiged to see how many tips you actually get!

      & Thanks, i'm bored of the layout now though it's been like this for a while i'm due a change!


  4. I definately have had some January blues - I can't wait for pancake day - I want to celebrate already :) nom nom
    LaceyLoves x