Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Overdue Day of Rest!

So i know the typical day of rest for most of the world is a Sunday, but this week Sunday was ANYTHING but chilled for me. It was the busiest, most hectic shift yet at my new job, and i have to say that i literally almost had a meltdown!

 Somehow we were so low on staff that i ended up looking after all of the tables pretty much by myself. That's 18 tables relying on me! (poor buggars) I was running around like a headless chicken taking orders, being baffled by computers, running food and drinks, clearing in plates, wiping down tables. etc etc etc! It did feel a bit unfair as i have only been there a week and i am still very much learning the basics, but i was pretty proud of the way i handled everything. 

So,  needless to say i am taking full advantage of today, my official day of rest :) and relaxing to the max.


I have slept in, eaten crap, lounged around in my PJ's and generally done just about nothing all day. (slobasaurus) The snow in my area has melted away now and the sun is absolutely beaming, it is a very pretty winter day. I do kind of keep looking out of the window telling myself i have wasted it indoors but minus temperatures just don't tempt me to do much else.

I'm a bit ashamed to admit that i have actually asked to go down to part time at this new job as the amount of hours i have been doing and the fact you get next to no breaks was really getting me down. I so didn't want to quit and have to start the job hunt over again so i decided this was the next best thing, and i know i'd rather sacrafice a few pennies for the sake of my sanity! I just keep trying to remind myself that A - this is only a short term thing and i'll be back doing what i love in no time, and B - i should count myself lucky to even have a job at all. 


So yes, i am currently lay on my bed as i write this, curtains wide open, watching all the planes fly by and kind of wishing i was up there too.. I don't know if it's just me but there is something really calming about watching planes in the sky, and it reminds me that the world is still going about it's business even if i'm not! 

I'm also the saddo with the iphone app that also tells me where they are going haha! CRINGE.
*que strange girl pointing phone out of window* 

My neighbours must think i'm bonkers!



  1. I had no idea there was an app that did that! I live right in the flight path for liverpool airport and I'm always wondering where flights are going when they fly overhead, I need that app! :)


  2. Love love love this post!
    I am your newest follower I'd love for you to check out my blog!!

  3. Really great post! I totally know what you mean about having to take some time off to just relax and stay sane. I love your blog and I'm following now :) Check out mine sometime and maybe follow if you want to :)
    xx, Siri

  4. yaaay stranger your still blogging :)
    hope you are good Mrs, your blogs bleedin' smashing!

  5. Love your blog, you're really funny and interesting! and sorry to hear about your cat :(

    Beth, xx