Thursday, 7 February 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

Hi Beauts! 

Today has been a good day - I'm still in super smiley mood after some quality boyfriend time yesterday, it's amazing what a few cuddles can do to your mood.. he even agreed to watch One Born Every Minute with me because he knows i like it! Screaming women and full on "crowning head" shots.. I'd say that's genuine love right there ;)

Anyway I've seen these 50 Random Facts post's knocking around lately and as a self confessed nosy parker i've absolutely loved reading everybody else's, so i thought i'd have a crack at one myself :) here goes..


1 - I've lived in Manchester all my life and genuinely can't imagine living anywhere else.

2 - I'm too indecisive to have a favourite colour, so there's always 5 or 6.

3 - I could eat nothing but pasta for the rest of my life and die a happy girl. I love it in all it's forms, especially linguine, mmm!

4 - I have the curliest fro you've ever seen but rarely wear it "au naturelle"

5 - I do however backcomb way too much and my beehive is actually becoming a bit of a statement part of me, i feel bare without it!

6 - I hate the feel of nail files, especially if somebody else is doing it! Having my nails done is such a teeth gritting experience. eurghh.

7 - My signature scent is Alien. You'll smell me a mile off.

8 - I have the coldest feet ever and I own microwavable slippers.

9 - I adore maxi skirts, they are my favourite things to wear. My collection and addiction to buying them is utterly ridiculous and if shops could just stop bringing them out it'd be better for my bank account!

10 - New York is my favourite place in the world.

11 - I have always loved airports, planes and flying, so it's no surprise i ended up in the job i have.

12 - I have done 2 seasons as a flight attendant with Monarch Airlines and i'm about to start back for my 3rd. I aim to continue flying for many years to come, hopefully on a more permanent basis when the contracts become available. I'm one of those lucky people than can genuinely say they love their job, what a geek eh?

13 - I'd love to get a tattoo, but i can never think of anything significant enough to have inked on me for life.

14 - I have lots of scars on my right leg from numerous operations over the years. My scars are a massive part of me and i'm no longer afraid to have them on show.

15 - Odeon eats all of my cash. I love films, popcorn and the whole cinema experience.

16 - I'm not a big drinker but cocktails are my weakness! TGI Fridays do the bestttt Purple Rain. Om nom nom nomm.

17 - I've seen every episode of Friends dozens and dozens of times but i still tune in to Comedy Central daily for my fix. The last episode also never fails to make me cry! I'll be content when they've made a movie.

18 - I like to think i'm a good driver but don't ask me to parallel park, ever.

19 - I get really irritated with people that say they have never read Harry Potter and only seen the films.. it's not the same thing!!

20 - I have a teeny weeny brace behind my two front teeth because after i had my proper one taken off the little buggars wouldn't stay put.

21 - I'm so unbelievably addicted to Hollyoaks, it's really rather sad..Trumps Corrie any day though.

22 - I eat Garlic-y foods all the time.. i must have the nicest breath ever.

23 - I'm absolutely petrified of fish and so swimming in the sea is out of the question. I can't even walk past the fish counter in Asda at close range, the eyes just freak me out!

24 - I used to collect Beanie Babies when i was younger. I must have hundreds clogging up space in the loft and i'm hoping one day they might still make me some cash (wishful thinking?)

25 -  I am half Scottish.. Ayeee.

26 - I have 5 younger siblings; 2 at my dad's and 3 at my mum's, and despite the stress i do love being the big sister. I feel a bit sorry for anyone who's an only child because the fun we have in my house can't be beaten!

27 - My boyfriend is my best friend and we do pretty much everything together. There's no actual words for how much he means to me and i'm so impatient to get our own place.

28 - I love cooking, although i don't do it very often. I'd love to be one of those amazing mums in the future that always has a mean looking meal ready on the table.

29 - I hate having less than £100 in my bank account at any one time. It really panics me for some unknown reason.

30 -  I hate unessecarily dark rooms. I'm one of those people that has to open all the blinds and curtains straight away because the thought of sitting in darkness fully depresses me.

31 - I'm a sucker for a bunch of flowers, especially roses.

32 - I have a pretty impressive memory box because i struggle to throw sentimental things away.

33 - I always buy a diary at the beginning of the year, use it religiously for a few months and then go back to writing stuff on the back of my hand..

34 - I've always loved English as a subject and i'm still super proud of my 2 A's at GCSE! I used to write a lot when i was younger and i think writing this blog is getting me back into it. I'd love to write a book one day, god knows when or about what..

35 - I like to think one day i'm going to get lucky, and i'm forever playing the lottery or entering competitions.

36 - I'm mentally still coming to terms with the fact that The O.C and One Tree Hill are no longer running, they were my absolute faves.

37 - I love getting dressed up and going out to eat, the majority of my money is probably spent on meals with my boyfriend at all our favourite places. Zizzi is currently top of my list, you can't beat a good italian.

38 - I have a major crush on Tom Hardy.. watch This Means War and you'll know why.

39 -  I hate losing things more than anyone i know. I have such a major strop when i can't find something and normally it's right under my nose.

40 - Phillip Schofield follows me on Twitter! Haha. God knows why but it's my claim to fame anyways. Love a bit of Schofe.

41 - I love really old films, the kind you used to have on VHS when you were a kid. Grease is always gauranteed to put a smile on my face!

42 - I love rollercoasters a bit too much.

43 - I have major OCD about checking i have my phone, keys and purse. Literally every few minutes! I have never lost any in my life though so it's not all bad.

44 - I was a die hard S Club 7 fan. If they ever reform i will be on the front row, t-shirt, programme the whole shabang!

45 - I also used to insist everyone call me "Rose" because i was obsessed with titanic. and Leo. Lovely lovely Leo.

46 - I always wear a watch.

47 - I'm partial to a glass of Bailey's every now and then, but only with lot's of ice and in a Bailey's glass.

48 -  I hate Coke in any form and always have. I don't understand why everybody else loves it so much..

49 -  I'm rubbish at sewing

50 - I have no tonsils :)


And tadaaaaaaaa!
That was by far the longest time it has ever taken me to write a post! Why is it so hard to think of things about yourself? But there you go, your all enlightened now and can sleep well knowing i fancy Tom Hardy haha ;



  1. I'm exactly the same with nail files, eurghh!! I can't ever get my nails done properly as I really hate the feel of it! xxx

  2. I love that someone else feels the same about tattoo's as I do... I really like them but have never known what to get. To have it there forever just seems like such a long time!!