Monday, 4 February 2013

Burn Baby Burn

I don't know what it is about candles that makes us women go a little bit loopy? Probably same thing that makes us buy those pointless bowls with pebbles in or 20 thousand cushions for one sofa.. We like things that look pretty - regardless of how much substantial use we have for them. I mean let's face it, candles are just big chunky objects that take up ALL of our space and have the least impressive flame you have ever seen.. and despite knowing all this i am still a little bit obsessed with them.

Oh who am i kidding?! i'm a lot obsessed.. epecially with the scented variety. 
There's just something really therapuetic about having that little dancing flicker of light in the room and when it smells like heaven, bonus!

I used to be a proper cheapskate with my candles. I'd only ever buy like Primark ones cause you could get about 400 tealights for 30p (slight exaggeration) Don't get me wrong i still purchase those every now and again but my new found favourite is the hugely popular Yankee Candles. I got my first ever one for my birthday in December and i was so excited. I'd been eyeing them up in Clintons for donkey's but couldn't bring myself to part with the cash so getting one as a present was perfect. I love the sleek little jars they come in, a bit more grown up than the candles i'm used to buying. They also last considerably longer than cheaper alternatives, with the larger ones exceeding 100 hours burning time.

 This was the scent i got for my birthday - Vanilla Cupcake! The picture on the front literally makes my mouth water. I'm such a heffer.

Anyways I was kind of dreading lighting this in a strange way because my mum has this weird thing with vanilla scented anything, it makes her go a bit nuts and she starts biting everyones head off - not fun! But i was pleased that she didn't seem bothered by this one at all. 

However despite this small triumph, i was a little bit dissapointed with my first Yankee Candle because i myself could hardly smell it at all. I expected an explosion of smelly goodness to fill my bedroom but I literally sat almost burning my eyebrows off hovering over the jar to try and get a whiff - in my opinion this particular one is just not strong enough at all.

But I pressed on with my quest to find the perfect one and eventually stumbled across the Yankee Candle shop in the Lowry Outlet Mall. When i went inside i was absolutely bouncing off the walls with excitement, my boyfriend wanted to put me on a lead. I'd never seen so many pretty colours and interesting names that i just wanted them all, but i was immediately drawn to the reduced section that had all the christmas/winter stock at 50% off - meaning i got my hands on a large jar for around £8-9. How's that for you Primark?! I regret not buying more whilst i was there but i was low on cash and had my sensible head on.

And this was the one i ended up with!
Cranberry Ice :)

This time i was not dissapointed. It smells gorgeous.. a really warming sweet wintery smell that seems to last for ages even after you've blown it out. The deep red colour doesn't match my bedroom at all but i'm starting to realise that i'm less bothered about everything being "matchy matchy" and more bothered about getting the most out of my pricey purchases. If i didn't want to try all of the other ones out there so badly then i would definately purchase this again.


I've got about half of it left now but at the rate i burn it'll be gone in a matter of weeks so i'm wondering if anybody else has any suggestions on which one i should try next.. baring in mind the milder scents don't seem to reach my nose and i dont like anything "spicey"

I also received a (very) late Christmas present off my gran the other day in the form of a Lily Flame candle, wohooo another one to feed the addiction. This is another brand i've heard brilliant things about and have been dying to try so I'm gonna give it a whirl soon and i'll let you all know what i think.

I hope this post put a bit of cheer back into my blog after my god awful rant yesterday.. I am feeling much better today despite forking out for my car insurance! - ouchies on the purse.
Anyway thanks for all the lovely messages i got on that post, they made me feel a whole lot better!

Hope your all good and enjoying February :)
P.S - when is Pancake Day?!




  1. i'm 100% with you on the candle thing jess! i'm obsessed also! love love love them x

  2. Feeling the ouch on the purse, just sorted my car insurance too! I think pancake day is around the 12th :)

  3. I love candles, I actually just bought a load from IKEA and they are surprisingly good. I nominated you for the Leibster Award, check my blog out to see it.

  4. I love Yankee Candles but I'm still yet to own one myself, I just can't justify the price but at 50% off it sounds like you got a bargain!

    Pancake day is on the 12th Feb :)

    Beauty by Emma

  5. Vanilla cupcake is my fave as well! It in my car yay!

  6. I love scented candles as well! I actually just did a blog post about my favorites. And I had to smile at your comment about having too many cushions on a sofa, I am totally guilty of that and my boyfriend always just rolls his eyes at me. Haha! Great post :)
    xx, Siri

  7. I'd love to get Vanilla Cupcake x

  8. Yankee Candles are amazing, we have loads in our house. I totally agree- Vanilla Cupcake is the best also Christmas Cookie is deliciously scented x x