Friday, 1 February 2013

The Baking Itch

So the other day i was cracking on with the time consuming task of transferring all the photo's from my iPhone to my laptop - I've been forced into this as my phone is now protesting severely at the 2,000 odd snaps i have clogging my memory and it refuses to work properly, grrr. Anyway, in doing so i came across this picture that i hadn't seen for a while and it really made me smile!

This is a snap of some little cupcakes i baked for Valentines Day last year (yes i am a soppy romantic sad case) and it got me thinking that i haven't actually baked at all since then! I love baking, infact i think most girls do.. and i'm not entirely sure why i haven't thought to do it again since. Now i have to admit this was very much a packet mix job and i by no means claim to be the next Betty Crocker, but i was pretty proud of them afterwards and couldn't wait to give them to the boyfriend..

From what i can remember Jay was pretty chuffed with them too and it was the perfect little something to give him without spending a fortune on a bunch of embarassing valentines tatt that as a boy he wouldn't even want anyway.. (yes Card Factory you are guilty of almost conning me into purchasing him one of those god awful mugs)

I am a bit of a romantic though, and no matter how much people try and tell me that Valentines is purely a money making scheme for shops i will always have a soft spot for it and secretly look forward to much more than i should! So i've decided that this year i'm going to get my bake on again! although maybe try something a little more impressive than this.. I'm on the hunt for the perfect recipe and hopefully i'll be posting again soon with pictures of masterpiece of a cake and not an update on how i burnt the house down haha! 

Has anybody else got any nice Valentines ideas?



  1. Looks yummy! This has made me want to bake something really tasty! I want to make the mega oreo brownie!
    Look how tasty it looks! I followed you :)

  2. wow they look amazing! definately have to try making those! :) xx

  3. These cakes look lovely, you've got me thinking about making some myself for Valentines Day. I've just come across your blog and I love it, I'm now following. I'm trying to persuade my boyfriend to go on holiday in Cancun after reading your posts on it and seeing that AMAZING hotel! And also the post before this nearly had me in tears, Im sorry for your loss and I hope you coping well! xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) i would definately recommend Cancun to anyone it was out of this world! and i'm following your blog now so hopefully i'll see your baking too! xx

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    We can follow each other if you want?
    xoxo Veselina from Bulgaria

  5. They look so yummy x

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  6. So cute! I wish I was able to bake!

  7. These look so good! I actually just did a baking post on my blog as well. As for other ideas. I really like to make chocolate covered strawberries (post about that later this week) for romantic occasions. They taste amazing and are pretty easy to make :) Great post!
    xx, Siri

  8. these are so cute! I'm sure they were cute enough to eat lol :)

    I love using betty crocker and making them my own with special decoration or added ingredients!